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Product Care

Caring for your precious gemstone jewelry is quite simple. Using a non-chemical to clean jewelry is recommended, even if it is for sterling silver or solid gold jewelry. Just apply jewelry to warm water that has a little soap or vinegar, rinse well, then dry with soft cloth. It is recommended to not soak jewelry for long periods of time or overnight.

And of course, remove jewelry when physical activities will take place to avoid any breakage of your gemstone jewelry.

1-sunlight: heat and light can damage certain gemstones. much sunlight can fade or damage amethyst and topaz, and  Pearls can bleach and peel if exposed to too much sun to avoidant of that keep or store jewelry in the jewelry case.

or in dark case

2- Chemical can damage both metals and gemstones like perfumes and lotions

hairspray , ammonia or bleach

 ultrasonic cleaners and certain solvents can cause damage also.

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