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  • Do you ship orders outside the United states?
    No,we are only able to ship orders within 52 United state.
  • what type gemstones are considered precious?
    Sapphires,Rubies,Emeralds the top precious gemstones ,and the other gemstones referred as a semi-precious gemstone and the Labradorite is top of (semi-precious).
  • What’s The Difference Between Synthetic, Simulated, and Created Gemstones?"
    Synthetic gemstone: Many terms are used interchangeably with synthetic. Artificial, lab-grown, lab-made, “man-made,” etc. All these terms identify gemstones that are created in laboratories. these processes are not occurring in nature,Distinguishing between synthetic and natural gemstones can be very difficult. Simulated Gemstones: Gemstones synthesized in a lab to imitate natural stones are called simulated gemstones or simulants. However, not all simulants are synthetic. created Gemstones: most of the people who sell Synthetic Gemstone use ''Created Gemstones"instead Synthetic Gemstone for sale,Synthetic or created gemstones have been on the market since the early 1900s. Simulated gemstones or “lookalikes” have been around as long as people have valued gems. Don’t assume that an old stone is a natural stone.
  • What is the difference between natural and lab-created stones?
    natural gemstones are formed by mother nature's processes,but the lab-created stones that gemstones are created in laboratories.

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