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 "Welcome" and "Allow me to introduce you to "Bonnie Gallery". I am the "Designer" & Owner,"Sherrie Al-Arda" I have always had a passion for handmade jewelry, that started back home in "New Orleans, Louisiana". Since then, I carried that passion with me to "San Antonio, Texas". Here at "Bonnie Gallery", I specialize in using precious gemstones to create the true beauty in each piece that is made. I have also introduced a new line "Apparel Accessories" to my store, which are handmade by "Bonnie Gallery". My designs are by my strongest inspirations of and "In The Loving Memory of My Mother, "Bonnie".  She has taught me so much throughout my entire life and she has passed on her creative skills on to me, and I am forever grateful for my mother. Please take the time to enjoy your shopping experience and if you have any questions, feel free to "E-mail" or "call me", I will be more than happy to assist you . May everyone have a blessed day and Happy shopping...!
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